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Those Girls: A Go Deeper Press Novelette

Those Girls: A Go Deeper Press Novelette - Alison Tyler I cannot get enough of Alison Tyler’s stories, and Those Girls is exactly the reason why.

A steamy novelette from the point of view of an experienced Dom (Sandy) and his interactions with a newbie sub (Vanessa), Those Girls is true Alison Tyler style: rich characters, wild sex scenes, and a great big dose of incredibly sexy BDSM flair. The fact that this story is from the Dom’s point of view rather than the sub’s makes it far more intense and delicious. One can fully engage with Sandy’s desire to control Vanessa, and yet also understand the level of care he has for her in their shared experience. Even while observing Vanessa through Sandy’s eyes, we can feel everything she’s feeling, want everything she’s desiring, and enjoy every burning lick of the…

Whoops. Guess you have to read the story, and it’s a hot one. Five stars. Easy.