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The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica

The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica - Rose  Caraway This book is probably one of the most delightful collections of erotica I've read in a while because it's got something different: variety. Every tale represents different genres and subtopics, all of which are labeled at the start of the story with a clever “old-fashioned” library catalog classification. This special touch not only makes the book fun, but it allows the reader to pick exactly what she or he is in the mood for. Take superheroes, for example. Or sex toys. Or romance. Or...moonshine. (Really!)

But beyond the card classifications, Rose Caraway has done a wonderful job of collecting beautiful, artistic, and oft-literary pieces that take the erotica genre to a whole new level. I have a few favorites, myself. There's Tamsin Flowers's "POW! It's Shibari Girl!", a charming, sassy tale about a superhero who ties her villains up in shibari knots...and one day discovers the bad guys are quite fun to play with. Then there's Angela Caperton's "Mikhael," a voyeuristic, dark supernatural/ghost story written in an incredible literary style. Kristina Wright’s “Vivi and the Magic Man" mixes fantasy and horror with lovely prose to convey a rich gypsy feel, and “The Mating Chamber” by Caraway takes us on a journey through sexy mating customs in a matriarchal society. There were several others that entertained, and overall the book offered something for everyone, no matter her preference. It's truly like visiting your very own sexy library!