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The Christmas Tattoo

The Christmas Tattoo - Tamsin Flowers Tamsin Flowers shows her sweet and spicy flair again!

The Christmas Tattoo is a lovely little novella about a heartbroken Bradie Clements heading back home for Christmas to heal herself and make amends with her dad. Bradie’s character is one we can all identify with—annoyed at her ex, trying to connect with family, and hoping to start anew—and she’s a delight of a character. This amplifies when she meets Colton Bassett and their attraction begins to bloom. Colt is the perfect change for Bradie, bringing her out of her shell and into some deliciously hot moments. And of course, all of them center around one very special Christmas tattoo…[Picture growling here, because it’s damn good.]

Tamsin has a true knack for mixing the sweet and sultry. Each time I read her work, I find myself smiling at her ability to merge warmth and romance with erotic sex in believable, relatable characters—and in the case of Colt and Bradie and their budding romance, I was completely charmed. The Christmas Tattoo is a perfect story to read snuggled by a fire for the holidays.