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The Lure of Dangerous Women

The Lure of Dangerous Women - Shanna Germain This collection is amazing.

I'd end my review right there because I think it says it all, but instead I'm going to explain because Shanna Germain deserves the highest level of praise. Her work is always astounding, forever touching, and incredibly deep. I have yet to read a piece that I do not finish with a tremendous gasp or sigh and an utterance of, "Goddammit, Shanna, you're brilliant." Even removing the sex from her tales you'll find eloquent prose and beautiful scenes; every time I read her stories I find myself wrapped in a warm cocoon of sensation. Sometimes it's lust, other times it's love, but always, I'm lost in the way this woman weaves her words in a magnificent web unlike anything I've seen before. "Seed," "The Lure of Dangerous Women," and "Trill" were my favorites, leaving me, as usual, entranced.