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Thrill Seeker: Black Lace Classics

Thrill Seeker: Black Lace Classics - Kristina Lloyd Kristina Lloyd has been on my to-read list for a while, and despite a plethora of books screaming for my attention, I couldn't resist jumping into this one after reading A.M. Hartnett's blog post on it. Her point was that people went into the book expecting something that it clearly doesn't promise, when really it's a book about a woman who is submissive through and through. The post was dead on.

Natalie is indeed a submissive, but in no way is she weak, passive, or any other ludicrous trait that has somehow become popular in other, more mainstream BDSM-focused erotica books. She is well-aware of her wants and desires, as well as how far she wants to take them (note: "thrill seeker"—so, quite far). Her trysts throughout the book are superbly written, full of raw emotion and gritty sex. In addition, Baxter, her main partner-in-crime, is delightful despite his flaws. Real delightful.

If you're expecting soft fluffy pillows and rainbows, this book is simply not for you. However, if you are interested in a REAL exploration of BDSM and the mind of a thrill-seeking woman who loves to submit, then this is it. Fabulous!